We assist our clients in establishing a presence in the Chinese market. There are four types of office/ companies that may be established in China and we help our clients choose the most suitable one to meet their current and future business requirements.


  • A branch office
  • Wholly-owned foreign enterprise
  • Sino-foreign joint equity enterprises
  • Sino-foreign contractual joint enterprises.


We appreciate that establishing a company in china can pose certain obstacles for foreign companies. For this reason, our offices in dublin coordinate directly with our clients to organise the necessary information and documentation that is required for the incorporation process, while our dedicated team in shanghai deal with all the issues locally and on the ground ensuring a seamless and professional process for our clients.


We understand that the establishment of a foreign office is only the first stage in our clients' expansion. We assist our clients with their ongoing company secretarial needs ensuring their legal requirements in China are met allowing them to focus their attention on the issues that matter such as developing new business. Our focus is always to ensure that our clients can establish themselves quickly in their new market, with the minimum of effort but with the certainty that their obligations are being met.


We also provide our clients with virtual office services or, alternatively, we assist our clients in locating permanent office or premises of their own depending on their business needs. Either way, we offer our clients insightful advice on where to locate themselves. Our serviced offices facilities, available in a number of locations around Shanghai, provide our clients with impressive state of the art facilities for carrying out meetings or simply a space to work while in Shanghai. We understand the importance to our clients of presenting a professional appearance that they would expect of their own domestic offices.

For an example of how these services have helped our clients,
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