We offer our clients a variety of services to aide them in developing their business and identifying opportunities in the
Chinese market.


We provide our clients with in-depth industry reports and analysis, helping them to reduce their time to effective market penetration and ensuring an efficient route to their chosen target areas. From experience, we understand how vast the Chinese market is and although the scale of the market presents attractive opportunities it can be difficult for clients to know where to begin.
Our industry reports aim to indentify the key aspects of the Chinese market. In a country as large as China, for our clients it's not simply a case of being present but being the right place and building an effective market presence for themselves.


We help our clients source goods or products from China. We assist our clients in supplier selection including evaluation of suppliers, translation of all necessary specifications and regulatory information and negotiation of quotations and contracts.
We also carry out factory visits on your behalf and assessments based on our clients' specifications and requirements. We can also assist our clients in carrying out site assessments themselves with the benefit of our local fluent English-speaking staff.


We assist our clients in identifying the necessary outlets for their products, whether it is finding local distributor networks or new customers, we can help our clients broaden their existing markets into the world's fastest growing economy.
We also assist our clients in overcoming any regulatory issues including procuring the appropriate licences or permits to distribute their goods or products.
We can also assist our clients in organising meetings with potential customers or carrying out initial meetings on their behalf. We translate all the necessary information for our clients to simplify the process.

For an example of how these services have helped our clients,
check out our case studies link.