We advised Dortek Limited, a company specializing in the manufacture of hygienic door sets and automation systems, on the establishment of a wholly owned foreign subsidiary in Shanghai, operating as a subsidiary of its Irish operation. The establishment of the Chinese subsidiary was of strategic importance to Dortek who wished to not only successfully penetrate the Chinese marketplace but also wished to lead the industry standard in China in terms of its specialized hygienic door sets.

The first step was the establishment of the subsidiary in Shanghai. Our team in Shanghai dealt with the formation regulatory controls and administrative process, advising Dortek on each step of the application process to streamline the information requirements resulting in the realization of an operational Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE). As well as advising Dortek in relation to the establishments of its bank account our team also advised Dortek on the attainment of an Import / Export License (consumer and engineering goods) from Shanghai Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce.

We worked closely with Dortek in researching and reporting on the existing Chinese Fire Safety Standards for Doors. As part of this project we helped coordinate the management of a comprehensive review of the applicable regulatory requirements which involved the translation of more than 1000 pages of related technical documentation. Our team in Shanghai identified and located the Authorised testing laboratories in China approved for National Standards Testing and liaised with Dortek's engineering staff in the preparation of the necessary applications to test their product. As an integral part of this process, it became necessary to establish the fundamental product design parameters and we assisted Dortek in the determination of the required adjustments to successfully meet the special test specifications included within the Chinese National Standard. After almost eighteen months of preparation and product submission Dortek is on target to receive Chinese National Standard Certification from CCCF in early 2011, allowing its product to be an international leader within the industry certified standards in China.

As part of Dortek's expansion into the Chinese market we
assisted Dortek in the search and recruitment of a Technical Regional Sales Manager. We initially identified more than 200 qualifying applicants within a three week period, a crucial aspect of which was benchmarked academic background and relevant experience, as well as a strong competence of English. Following a desk review of the applicants with Dortek, 17 candidates were selected for first interview. We assisted Dortek in conducting these interviews which took place over a two day period at our offices in Shanghai. At interview, the quality of candidates was sufficiently impressive to make a reduction to 5 persons selected for a more rigorous second round interview. A third round interview process was subsequently carried out from which a sales manager was selected, a job contract was offered and signed within the following days and the candidate joined the company within one month from the completion of the interview process.

We have achieved a successful outcome for our client in not only establishing a foreign subsidiary but also reporting to the client on the regulatory requirements applicable to it leading to an application for its product to become a benchmark international industry standard in China as well as conducting a thorough interview process and initial staff recruitment.